The constitution of the Albanian Political Science Association (ALPSA) can be downloaded from this page. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view this files.

Download Official Constitution in Albanian



ALPSA has the following objectives:

  • To encourage and develop political science and its relationship with other disciplines;

  • To hold conferences and meetings for the discussion of political science problems and the exchange of views in matters relating to political science;

  • To publish journals, newspapers, books and monographs relating to political science;

  • To organize summer schools or other activities in pursuance of the objectives of the Association.

  • To give grants, scholarships or fellowships to deserving individuals, groups of persons or organizations in pursuance of the objectives of the Association;

  • To facilitate the application of its members for grants for projects relating to political science;

ALPSA does not assume a position upon any question of public policy not directly related to the discipline of political science or commit its members to any position thereupon.

[Update:  Please. note changes in our office address. Official seal of ALPSA was also redesigned in 2001]

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